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Website Maintenance & Support Service

From backups and restoration to scaling and updating, we will take care of your website and ensure its stable work with professional monitoring 24/7.

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Regular Backups

We will perform regular backups to protect your website content and allow complete restoration at any time. Thus, your website will be intact even after server malfunction or if you decide to return to previous versions.

Tech Updates

Keeping your website up to date is crucial to prevent any compatibility issues on modern web browsers and avoid potential vulnerabilities to hacking attacks.

Content Updates

We will help you update your website's content to keep it fresh. Not only it allows to better inform visitors, but also boosts the website's search ranking drastically.

Website Security

Our tech specialists will scan your website for vulnerabilities to prevent potential hacking, and check for any malware on the server and in the source code.


24/7 monitoring and scanning the website for any security breaches, intrusions, XSS attempts or DDoS attacks to mitigate them immediately and prevent the recurrence.

Data Analysis

We will gather data on the performance of your website, analyze visitors' behavior and provide valuable information for you to improve your marketing strategy.

Why is it important for you?


ebsite maintenance is absolutely crucial for your online business as it not only ensures smooth and stable work of your website, but also helps it grow steadily.

Among a whole spectrum of factors why it is so important, there are 3 major ones.

Search Engine Optimization
Online marketing is a costly process, but there is a way to save plenty of money by having your website smartly supported and updated. Google will rank the website up faster if it contains the most relevant and up-to-date information. Websites that haven't been updated for a long time or that are infected with malware get de-ranked.
Visitor Engagement
Modern users expect to see the most recent and actual information on your website, and they want it fast. Showing them old or irrelevant information, or having slow-working website is a clear path downwards. We will make sure that your website stays fresh both in terms of information and the technology it is built with.
Imagine any sensitive data stored on your website stolen by a hacker, or the website itself defaced. Such reputational catastrophe is extremely hard to overcome. You can avoid it easily with our help. We will constantly check your website for vulnerabilities, monitor all the traffic for hacking attempts, and provide timely technical updates and fixes when necessary.
Ambia.Studio Web Development Studio in Canada

Leave the webkeeping to the professionals.

Having years of web development experience, we know the technology in and out. With Ambia, your website will always be in its best condition.

What is Included in Our Service

We have a plan of regular activities to make sure your website works perfectly. Some of the activities can only be performed manually, others are software-assisted.
It is important for us to explain what every step means and how important it is for your website, especially if you want the website to grow and attract more and more visitors.

Content Updates

We help you add new blocks of information and multimedia files to your website and make it SEO optimized from the start.

Software Updates

Content management system maintenance and updates, installing the latest plugins, changing themes per request.

Broken Links & 404 Error Checks

From a visitor's perspective, links that lead nowhere are a clear sign of badly maintained website. We regularly scan and fix such links and pages on the website.

Security Plugin Maintenance & Monitoring

Having the latest available security plugins is crucial for the website safety. Along with 24/7 web traffic monitoring, we are able to prevent potential attacks.

Database and Website Backups

It is important to have a copy of your website and database backed up in case of an unsuccessful technical update, server malfunction or hacking attempts. Both the content and the valuable data will be stored as a backup for such cases.

Malware Removal

Viruses and malware get more and more complex every day. They could be used to steal sensitive data or infect visitors' computers. Our specialists regularly scan the source code and the servers for such malware and remove it safely.

Performance Monitoring

How optimized your website is not only affects user conversion rate, but is also directly related to your search rank. Google, just like a regular modern user, prefers websites that load the fastest. It is our job to make sure the website and its content are optimized and meet the requirements.

Website Maintenance & Support Services

Does peace of mind have a price?

Focus on what's really important and we will take care of your website. Our complete maintenance package covers all the aspects that affect your website's health, optimization and stable work.

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What's Inside:
Content & Software Updates
Plugin Installation
Fast Completion of Requests (4-48h)
Basic Web Traffic Analytics
Free Service Consultations
Weekly Backups
Uptime Monitoring & Reports
Malware Removal

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not on this list, don't hesitate to contact us.

[01] -How much time do you allocate per one client?

By default, we allocate 2 hours of work to custom tech requests. Anything beyond will cost additional $20 per hour. Note that regular tech updates, monitoring and other services are already included in price of maintenance package.

[02] -What kind of updates or changes you cannot do on the website?

Rarely there are requests on changes that we can't do due to technical restrictions, built-in languages, etc. Updates of such sort become full-fledged web development requests. If you need something more complex, we will gladly discuss details and draft out the development plan for you.

[03] -I have several websites. Do I have to pay for tech support of each website separately?

That is correct, only one website per maintenance plan, even if the websites are similar. Each site is a different project to maintain.

[04] -How quickly can you apply the changes I need on my website?

It mainly depends on the number of changes requested and their complexity. Normally, the updates are completed within 24-48 hours after we receive the request.

[05] -Is there a way for me to know how long the work is going to take?

After carefully analyzing the amount of work required, we will plan out the activities and inform you on the estimated time needed to complete the task.

[06] -Do you have any discounts?

We offer a Loyal Client discount which is applied upon receiving payment for 12 months of maintenance or above and equals to 20% off the total.

Ambia.Studio Web Development Studio in Canada

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