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More Than a Website

Modern users are tricky to impress. That's where custom web software comes into play. 100% custom-built web solutions will leave no user impartial.

SOFTware can be HARD. But not hard enough for us to handle!


e are a team of very dedicated web developers. Years of polishing our experience have led us to a point when we are capable of adding to your website any functionality it can possibly need.

Designed to work and built to last, your Ambia-built web application will become a powerful tool to maximize your business potential on the internet.
From simple to rocket science

What Our Minds Create

Here is what you might want us to build for you

Business-Oriented Apps

Keep track of your sales, plan your marketing activities, know your customer. With Ambia-designed business application you will be able to calibrate your actions perfectly to establish ongoing growth. Being well-optimized rich internet applications (RIA), our apps show stellar speeds and work perfectly on any web browser.

Web-Based SaaS

Software as a service is not restricted to MacOS or Windows platforms. It can be built using only web technologies and has countless number of applications for your business. Easily accessible via any web browser, our web software will enhance your web presence dramatically. Be it a complex user dashboard or analytical tools for your company, we can and we are ready to build it.

Easy to Use. Working Perfectly.

With a variety of already existing web services, it is often a smart move to make use of some of them in your app. We can integrate 3rd-party services using their APIs with a custom-built web application, be it a stand-alone web app, or a great addition to your company website.
Ambia.Studio Web Development Studio in Canada

Technologies We Love and Use

Programming languages
PHP, Python, JavaScript
Frameworks & libraries
Laravel, Symfony, Zend 2-3, Vue.js, React
CMS solutions
Drupal, WordPress
Lumen, Express
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Security & testing
PHPUnit, Protractor, Jest
Elegant and efficient

What to Expect From Our Soft

Key features of the web software we build


egardless of the complexity of the app you need, we can guarantee your satisfaction with the end result. Our workflow is designed to ensure that you get a stable-working web-optimized app that will work perfectly on any browser and adapted to any device or screen size.

Incredible Performance

Our web apps work extremely fast even on ancient devices. No lags, no bugs whatsoever.

Secure and Reliable

We take data security seriously here, and make sure that our apps process every bit of information in a 100% secure fashion without fail. Every time.

Smarter Approach

Here at Ambia we like to figure out the most optimal solution for a technical task using the latest technology available.

User Human-Friendly Design

Our UX/UI specialists create interfaces that even an untrained person could manage. There will be no unnecessary complexity on the front end of the app.

Safe and Secure by Design.

We care about security so much, that we initially draft out the architecture of any app we build with security in mind to prevent potential attacks.

Data Security
Data leak prevention
Endpoint protection
Compliance with industry standards
Encryption of data in transit and data at rest
Application Security
Source code analysis
Application architecture review
Attack vectors identification
Vulnerability scan
You ask. We answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to contact us if you haven't found the answer to your question.

[01] -If you add something to my website, will it work slower?

Our web apps cannot break anything on your website or slow it down. Designed to work as an autonomous module, our app will become a very safe functional addition to your website without causing any stability or performance issues.

[02] -Does the app go as part of one of the pages or as a separate page?

That really depends on what the app is for. A module-type app can be as small as one button, while a big app could be a website in itself.

[03] -For service apps do you provide API?

For SaaS-type web apps, developing API functionality is possible and often even mandatory, and we are definitely able to do that. Please drop us a line and specify your request. We will be happy to help!

[04] -How scalable will the software be?

Before we even start designing the app architecture, we try to understand exactly what purpose it will serve and how it might be improved or extended in the future. Thus, any complex software we build is scalable by design.

[05] -Will the app require maintenance or technical support?

Complex apps require maintenance similar to that of a website, which we will happily provide you with. Simpler module-type apps normally do not need to be maintained, granted you have a web administrator supporting your website.

[06] -If I change my website, does the app you made need to be changed as well?

In terms of its functions, the app should be working perfectly regardless of the design of your website, however it should be harmonized graphically (to match color scheme and styles). If putting it into the right place of your new website is needed, don't hesitate to contact us.

Ambia.Studio Web Development Studio in Canada

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