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It is not just our opinion. It is how search engines score the websites we make, based on key quality indicators ensuring best user experience.

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e design a website with the objective to promote your business and your brand to the online audience.

The websites built by Ambia studio catch the eye of a visitor, tell them a story about the products or services our clients have to offer. Every page is designed to guide and to inform, and every element serves its specific purpose. Meticulous attention to detail is what helps us make your web presence stand out from a competition and turn the website into a powerful tool.

What suits your business best?

The Websites We Build

Pixel-perfect and responsive, our websites look fantastic on any screen.

Service Websites

Online or offline, the service you provide has to be presented perfectly both for new visitors and for the already existing clients.


With pages loading incredibly fast and all the required functionality in place, our e-commerce websites ensure the highest satisfaction with online shopping.

Food Industry Websites

Flexibility in design process is key, especially when it comes to food production industry. We always learn as much about the client's company as possible to make sure that their awesome product really shines.

Non-profit Organizations

There are people who strive to do the world we live in a better place for all living creatures, from humans to plants. We feel deep pride in helping such people, so that with an amazing web-presence they could reach a wider audience and communicate their message more effectively.

Landing Pages

There is elegance in simplicity and sometimes a great landing page is the best and the most productive way to present your product or service online. We build fantastic and effective landing pages that attract, inform and guide online visitors ensuring the best user experience current technology allows.

Business Websites

Your website is how your potential customers make their first impression of your business. It has to work impeccably, load in a blink of an eye and represent your core values and vision. We build business websites bearing those key principles in mind.
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Transforming Experience into a Powerful Tool

A Website to Be Proud Of

One that people will definitely like


Stand out from the competition with a unique, well-structured and amazing-looking website that will satisfy even the pickiest visitor.


Looking absolutely fantastic on any device, whether it is an 8K monitor or a small-screen smartphone.


We know how to create websites that search engines give the highest possible scores to. Thus, it is much easier to get new visitors.

Added Analytics

Having as much relevant data as possible is crucial for any business aimed to grow and improve. We will set up analytics tools for you to keep track of every unique visit.

Optimized by Design

Modern users have no time to wait, and expect the website to work insanely fast. We make sure that there isn’t a second of their time wasted.

Easy to Maintain

With an easy-to-use content management system, you will be able to update any information on your website effortlessly whenever it's necessary.
Rank up fast in the search results

Why Search Engines Love Our Works

The technologies we use while building websites were initially created with search engines in mind. Thus, every website we build naturally ranks up in Google and other search engines.

Unbelievable page loading speed
Perfectly optimized multimedia elements
Best possible user experience
Flexible Customization

Custom-designed Web Solutions: CRM, Analytics and Extra Functionality.

Depending on what your business aims are, it is sometimes necessary to have some extra tools to help it grow. We are capable of designing and adding additional functionality and web tools of any difficulty, limited only by your imagination.

Ambia.Studio Web Development Studio in Canada

That's what Google thinks

Optimized by design, our websites rank up fast in Google search results. The higher the rank, the more unique visitors the website has, at no additional cost.








Best Practices

Transparent Pricing

Chose What Fits Best

Or contact us and we will assist you on picking the best type of a website to build.

Template-based website

starting from
Suitable for small businesses or personal web pages.

Website with custom design

starting from
The website will be unique and custom-built for you.

Template-based e-commerce website

starting from
A great-looking e-commerce website to get your online sales going.

Custom E-commerce website

starting from
Custom-built fully functional and great-looking e-commerce website.

Complex website

starting from
A big and complex multi-purpose website. It usually includes a lot of user-oriented functionality.
Ambia.Studio Web Development Studio in Canada

Need something even more complex?

We will gladly build you a web application or design custom functional add-ons to your website.
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How we work

Every website we build is a project which is normally divided into several basic steps to make sure that the final product is something that actually works. By following these steps we manage to launch 100% secure, responsive, mobile-friendly, insanely fast, SEO-optimized and easy-to-navigate websites designed to serve their purpose flawlessly and efficiently.

Initial consultation

Prior to starting the development process, we strive to understand the client's needs completely. We learn about the business, work out the primary and secondary purpose of the website to build. At this step we consult with the client and gather as much useful information as possible.


Structuring and blueprinting

Having gathered all the necessary information we need, we start the planning process. During this process we develop basic architecture, draft out the first blueprints for the website and work out where every block of information goes and why.


User-oriented UX/UI design

Masterfully-crafted visual interfaces are those that users do not notice. Such interfaces feel natural and help users navigate around the website.


Front-end development

The way your website works is what makes the first impression of your business for a vast majority of users. Insanely fast, pixel-perfect websites that look amazing on any screen or device is what modern users expect, and at this step we make sure they get exactly that.


Filling in high-quality content

A great website is not only beautiful interfaces. It is also amazing multimedia files and easy-to-read and informative texts. Working together as a whole, they communicate the message of your business and lead your visitors. We make sure that all the content of the website goes in line with its overall style and is also SEO-friendly to help your business grow naturally.


Back-end development

Sometimes the processes that users do not see are the most complex and play a huge role in how fast the website works. While real visitors can only get a general feel for how technically advanced the website is and how well its back-end is built, the search engine bots can see it clearly. We are very proud to get exceptionally high scores for our websites from Google. It not only proves that our websites are as beautiful "inside" as they are visually, but also ensures higher ranks in google search results.


Quality Assurance & Deployment

At this step we run hundreds of QA tests, debugging and polishing to make sure that we get the perfect end result. Once satisfied with the result we deploy the website and present it to our client.


Maintenance & Support

After the website is complete and functioning, we continue our work to identify possible errors and fix them fast. Maintaining the websites that we designed is easier for us. Thus, cost of technical support of Ambia-built websites is lower for our clients.

You ask. We answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to contact us if you haven't found the answer to your question.

[01] -Do I have to provide the content?

If you have some texts or multimedia files that you want us to use on the website, please send them to us. Otherwise, we will have unique SEO-optimized texts written for you. Our specialists will also choose images and other multimedia files that will look great on your website.

[02] -Can you add any third-party services onto the website?

The websites we build are very flexible and do not have any technical restrictions regarding external services. We can add google maps, chats, social network integration and a lot of other third-party functionality of your choice.

[03] -Can you install a CMS of my choice?

Normally we use our own content management system, however we are also quite familiar with other popular systems. If you have any particular CMS that you would like to use, we will be happy to install it for you.

[04] -Do I need to have a domain name before I order a website?

We can register a domain name for you and if the domain name you wanted is taken we can suggest good alternatives for you to choose from. The domain name will be registered in your name or your company's name.

[05] -Do I have to maintain my website or you can do that for me?

Technical support and website maintenance is one of the services we provide. In fact, if we build the website for you, it is much easier for us to maintain it, as we do not need to analyze how it was created or what kind of CMS was used.

[06] -Can I pick a template and send it to you?

If you already have a template you like, please send it to us and we will use it on your website. Bear in mind, though, that sometimes even a great-looking template might not suit your business. In such case, we will inform you about it and suggest reasonable alternatives for you to consider.

Ambia.Studio Web Development Studio in Canada

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